Release 0.8 - January 31st, 2013

with contributions from: Niko Will and Alexander Rieger. Thank you.

I am happy to announce a new cooperation with smartVISU to give you the best user interface experience.

New Plugins

  • DWD Plugin: fetch weather warnings and forecasts from Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD).
  • Mail Plugin: sending (SMTP) and receiving (IMAP) mail.
  • RRD Plugin: build round robin databases.
  • Russound Plugin: control a Russound audio device with RIO over TCP.
  • Snom Plugin: to handle snom VOIP phones.


  • Base
    • item.conf: new types list, dict
    • sh.moon() with set(), rise(), pos(), light(), phase()
    • sh.find_items(‚config_string‘), sh.find_children(self, parent, ‚config_string‘)
  • Asterisk plugin: Call Log and mailbox count
  • CLI plugin: adding ‚rl‘ to reload and ‚rr‘ to reload and run logic
  • KNX plugin: DPT 16 support
  • Network plugin: adding a simple http interface
  • Visu plugin:
    • smartVISU support: to generate pages for and communicate with this visualisation framework.
    • plot rrd with flot
    • list view
    • dpt3 push buttons
    • TITLE header template
    • adding ‚unit‘ attribute to item.conf
    • JQuery: 1.8.3, JQuery Mobile 1.2
    • Log view, Asterisk

Bug Fixes

  • KNX plugin: knx_init / knx_cache could not work if first connection attempt failed
    • dpt 10, 11, 16 handling fix
  • Onewire plugin: improve error handling
  • Workaround for urllib2 memory leakage